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Right from the start, Field Farms Marketing Ltd. (FFM) has been striving to provide the highest quality non-GMO and organic grains to our customers at the best possible price. Through a diverse work culture and innovative solutions, FFM is able to offer both suppliers and customers access to non-GMO and organic markets on a global scale.

FFM is proudly Canadian with our headquarters situated in the heart of the southwestern Ontario agricultural community (in Petrolia near Sarnia, ON). FFM has a global presence as well, maintaining offices in Toronto, Switzerland, the Netherlands, India and Argentina.

At FFM, we dedicate all of our efforts to ensuring the sustainability and longevity of the organic way of farming. As such, we place a high degree of value and importance on the traceability of all organic products that we source. We achieve this traceability through having a paper trail of every movement of the product – right from the farmer’s field to the customer. We even have our own in-house logistics department that manages this product movement.

We believe in the organic way of agriculture and encourage you to try the same for the betterment of our planet. So next time you are grocery shopping, please:

Eat True Organics, Save the Planet

Our Mission

To be leaders in our market and provide first-class service to suppliers and clients by meeting their needs and exceeding their expectations with honesty and reliability, building long-lasting and sustainable relationships

Our Commitment

Here at FFM, we value supplier and customer relations above all else. We only work with the utmost sense of professionalism, service and integrity to ensure that we build long-lasting and sustainable relationships.