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Buy Healthy Food for your Mushroom Farm Straight from FFM!

Our ready-to-fruit certified organic mushroom substrate (Masters Mix pellets) is a pelleted blend of sawdust and organic soybean hulls – the perfect blend of organic ingredients to help boost the healthy growth of your mushrooms. FFM prides itself in sourcing, processing, mixing, bagging, and sterilizing in-house and at FFM’s trusted facilities to produce its mushroom masters mix pellets. The entire combination pellet production process is monitored closely to ensure a superior mushroom pelleted product for our farmers. Ask us about our conventional mushroom Masters Mix pellets as well!

Try our conventional or certified organic Mushroom Masters Mix today for the healthy growth of your mushrooms. Reach out to us by phone or by clicking the “Get the Best Quote Today” button below and we’ll be happy to offer you the best mushroom combo pellet product at the best possible price.