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Proudly Canadian, family-owned and operating since 1998, FFM is located in Ontario, Canada the heart of the organic and non-GMO soybean and crop growing region. FFM provides the highest quality feed and food grade ingredients to customers globally. With our vertical supply chain, we can be the most competitive on price and service.

We also provide the highest quality food-grade organic and non-GMO soybeans and crops that we procure across Canada, grow locally, and process at our state-of-the-art cleaning facility in Petrolia, Ontario, Canada.

“Eat True Organics” is what FFM lives by and is at the heart of our operations at FFM. We ensure that all our non-GMO and organic products are of the highest quality and 100% traceable back to the source.

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Meet Our Owners

Rita Felder

Founder and CEO

(519) 882-2976 ext.202

As the Founder and CEO of FFM, Rita’s principles of integrity, professionalism, trust and reliability suffuse all of FFM’s activities. The culture of inclusion, diversity, teamwork and family that has been created at FFM is a direct reflection of Rita’s personal style. She is actively involved in all of FFM’s trading activities and day-to-day operations.

Before establishing FFM in 2005, Rita was co-founder of Great Lakes Organics. Prior to that, Rita has always helped her husband, Tony, on the farm and in selling of his agricultural crops every year. Rita grew up in Switzerland and moved to Canada with her family in October 1998 to begin her family farm life in Petrolia, Ontario. Rita enjoys reading, golfing, skiing and spending time with her family.

Tony Felder

Founder and President

(519) 882-2976 ext.214

Tony is the President of FFM and serves to assist the company in pursuing its vision of providing major markets with organic products. He also strategizes new growth opportunities and new markets for the company to expand into.

Tony’s primary job is managing his cash crop, hog and beef farms. Tony owns and manages both conventional and organic acres. He also raises loose-housing hogs and all grass-fed Angus beef cows. Tony received his master’s degree in agriculture at Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmittelwissenschaften in Switzerland. Tony grew up in Switzerland and moved to Canada with Rita and his family in 1998. He has successfully grown his farm operation over the last 20 years. In his free time, Tony likes to watch his Angus beef cows graze in the pastures.

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